Routines And Systems – Episode 004

In this episode Whiskey and Charlie talk about their recent struggles and adaptations to new routines, and setting up systems to be successful with kids now being homeschooled and with Charlie being home everyday.

Our Values! – Episode 002

In this episode Whiskey and Charlie talk about the start of a new business, about their values and motivations for this endeavor, and about some of the things that have helped them along the way so far.

An Introduction – Episode 001

Hello, my name is Charlie .  I have been dancing with the idea of making Podcasts with my spouse, Whiskey for years, and we have decided to make it a reality. We want to primarily focus on the concepts we have found that allow us to live a healthy and productive lifestyle. We are passionate about Mental Health issues, being that we have both dealt with our own burdens, and we want to provide insight into our challenges and solutions so that anyone listening might find help.

Neither of us are licensed healthcare professionals, and so we are not aiming to provide any healthcare advice. If you need healthcare, urgent or otherwise, seek out professional help.